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    23-03-2023, 20:05
  • Name
    The Sun: Origin
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    Android 4.1+
The Sun: Origin is a fairly original game about the post-Apocalypse, where there are very few living people, and walk under the hot sun there is an opportunity only to wear a gas mask on his head and with an oxygen tank. The universe is not going through the best of times, but you were lucky, so you survived, so there is no need to cry, and you need to try to find yourself food, water, a lot of weapons, and not only.

In The Sun: Origin you can go back to a time when a huge number of people spent time in an old, but very lamp and interesting Stalker. These games have a lot of things similar to each other, and the management will also be able to surprise you, because it is really easy, as in the above project.

After the Apocalypse, large famous cities disappeared from the face of the Earth, and only those who managed to go into hiding survived. All those who did not have time to hide under the ground-turned into mutants on the surface. The main character of the game is called Raven, and the group in which he survives, completely lost all resources, and only you can save your team by getting out, where you will fight with dangerous monsters and other opponents.

game Features:

  • Excellent graphic design;
  • Lots of cool and interesting tasks;
  • Great lamp atmosphere.
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