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Timeflow: Time is Money Sim

Timeflow: Time is Money Sim

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    20-05-2022, 21:40
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    Timeflow: Time is Money Sim
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    Android 6.0+
Timeflow:Time is Money is a game that is a unique simulator. During the game, gamers will learn the basics that are in time management and investing. The player needs to run his own business, gain financial stability with independence. First, money is given in a limited amount. The project started about four years ago. To do this, they used a game created by the famous American entrepreneur and speaker R. Kiyosaki. It was then called Cash Flow.

The board game is made in the usual form. There are twelve months on the playing field. Each contains seven cells. All cells are colored with their own color. Their own function is defined for them. A blue cell indicates the appearance of a news or offer. The orange cell indicates the daily routine.

With the help of the yellow cell, you can start the learning process. Using the green cell, they receive income from a new source. Each player will be interested in doing their own business. The exchange will give you the opportunity to make a lot of profitable investments. The player is engaged in the development of his own career. First you need to make a choice of the most popular south direction. Probably, the player has the ability to blog.

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