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    20-05-2022, 19:22
  • Name
    Wrestling Empire
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    Android 7.0+
Wrestling Empire is a game in which the player can act completely freely. You can customize each character, match. There are chaotic royal battles and intuitive matches. There are different types of battles available. Therefore, the player can create the scenario he dreamed of. In addition, you can adjust the camera to within an inch to suit your needs, whether it's more dynamic or static shooting.

Superstar shake-up!
Up to 350 characters in 12 lists, the game is filled with wrestlers who resemble modern icons and legends from the past. Customizing your experience is at the heart of Wrestling Empire, and if you want, you can turn Ralph Zipper into Dolph Zigger in seconds,

By far, one of the most impressive aspects of Wrestling Empire is the deep and varied career mode. By choosing your character, you begin your journey as an intern at a wrestling school. With regular communication with the promoter, you can choose your trick, physical development and make moral decisions about your lifestyle. Would you take steroids to improve your physique and maybe get more time on TV? Dilemmas like this are present everywhere, which makes the experience unique and exciting.
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