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Soccer Super Star - футбол

Soccer Super Star - футбол

  • Updated
    10-05-2022, 15:52
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    Soccer Super Star - футбол
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    Android 4.0+
Soccer Super Star – has become a simulation game for playing football. It is suitable for those who like sports tests and an exciting process. It is not always very easy to manage a game like football. Here you need to know when and how to hit the ball to score a crazy goal, pass a pass and win a trophy. If you like arcade football, gamers will certainly get excited about the game. It's pretty easy to master this game. You just need to swipe the tip of your finger on the surface of the screen. This will allow you to kick the ball and try to score a goal.

There are five players in the team. On the territory of the field, they and their opponent alternately move the ball. During this, all actions are similar to those of the famous Chapaev game or classic billiards. The footballers who are depicted inside the circle shape are launched by the player.

This interesting game has beautiful realistic graphics. The first levels are not particularly difficult. It's easy to score the ball inside the opponents' goal here. Then the levels continue to rise. It will require the development of a strategy using tactical moves to ensure victory over opponents.

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