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    1-05-2022, 08:43
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    Android 4.4+
ReFactory is a game that offers to build production sites. In this world, the player sets his own rules. He knows the price he will have to pay for any mistake. If resources are allocated incorrectly, development will be suspended. It is impossible to repel an attack using outdated technologies.

The game is a 2D strategy game. The essence of the plot here is devoted to construction and logistics. The player is engaged in the construction of an automated mega-factory on the territory of an alien planet. Here it is proposed to switch from some technologies to microelectronics. It is possible to create chemical reactions using substances that form an explosion.

The creators got an interesting strategy game. An unknown planet hides many secrets. It is required to help every member of the crew who is lost on the planet. One day the navigation system was destroyed. Therefore, the spacecraft malfunctioned and it crashed. The crew members were scattered on the planet.
The user will have to become an artificial intelligence. He needs to ensure the possibility of survival of people who have fallen into an alien world. They are surrounded by a rather inhospitable environment.
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