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Carrier Landings Pro

Carrier Landings Pro

  • Updated
    23-04-2022, 09:44
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    Carrier Landings Pro
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    Android 5.0+
Carrier Landings Pro - has the appearance of a realistic flight simulator. He offers to feel like a pilot on a high-speed fighter. The user needs to be engaged in performing various missions. Now there are thirty tasks in total. Each of them has its own scenario.

The creation of such a game has become a new step in the development of aviation simulators that are suitable for the mobile platform. Most of the emphasis here is on realism. Every detail is thought out during the game. Specialists have implemented a fairly detailed schedule.
Now there are ninety tasks in total. It is worth learning how to subdue an American fighter to fly on a new mission. Players have a new opportunity to get pleasure from controlling different combat aircraft.

Players control models of F-18, SU-47 Berkut or other aircraft. Being engaged in the implementation of basic skills in management, they become real pilots. Tasks can be simple and complex. To complete them, you need to visit different game worlds.
The legendary combat fighter is not immediately amenable. Sometimes it will turn out after several difficult, very dangerous actions. After any departure, you can not fly back. Therefore, before the battle, it is necessary to recharge with courage, to have optimal composure.

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