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Shadow of Kurgansk

Shadow of Kurgansk

  • Updated
    12-06-2021, 20:46
  • Name
    Shadow of Kurgansk
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Shadow of Kursk - an action-adventure game. After the accident at a major nuclear power plant, several hundred kilometers of the earth turned into a scorched crater filled with mutants and destructive anomalies. Collect a hiking backpack, and go to the exclusion zone to find expensive artifacts, and, above all, solve the mystery of the ill-fated disaster. Explore horrifyingly dark locations, avoid mutated animals, complete tasks, and look for caches that may contain provisions, weapons, ammunition, medicines, and other vital resources. Move along the main storyline, or take on side quests - the game does not force you to act linearly.

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