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Baldis Basics in Education and Learning

Baldis Basics in Education and Learning

  • Updated
    24-07-2022, 16:15
  • Name
    Baldis Basics in Education and Learning
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
The game Baldis Basics in Education and Learning is made in the horror genre. The action takes place in the school walls, where the user has to perform different tasks. You need to do this to get out of the building, and avoid punishment for abnormal teachers. Exciting gameplay will not leave anyone indifferent.

All game action will revolve around the performance of three tasks that are spread throughout the school building. The gamer will need to solve them correctly in order to leave this place safely. The performance of the tasks will be hindered by the school staff, who do not want the player to do it.

You need to make every effort to do everything right. You will have to answer for some tasks at a certain time. If this is not done, then you can learn the aggressive reaction of strange teachers. The character will be severely punished if he does not take the necessary actions.

Everything around will be done in a surreal style, this applies to everything that is in the game Baldis Basics in Education. The development will certainly appeal to fans of this genre, as there is definitely not to be bored.

game Features:

  • unusual graphics;
  • exciting gameplay;
  • different tasks;
  • punishment in case of failure;
  • simple control system.

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