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Kill Shot Virus

Kill Shot Virus

  • Updated
    17-08-2021, 17:22
  • Name
    Kill Shot Virus
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Kill Shot Virus-the game can be attributed to shooting games, it will please you with a detailed drawn world, and many other bright advantages that will not make you bored. Your enemies will be zombies, which you need to quickly shoot using the available set of firearms. The plot, like many games related to zombies, will tell you about a virus that suddenly infected all of humanity. Find a vaccine for it failed, despite all efforts, so there is only one way out, you need to destroy all the zombies manually. Using a variety of tools at hand, and only with the help of numerous weapons, you will be able to win a decisive victory over the pressing opponents. In the game you will find a solid set of missions, which will have to solve a huge number of crazy tasks.

Clearing each location, you must complete a solid set of missions that are waiting for you there. A feature of the game is that the hero moves himself, without your active participation, you also need to exclusively aim to shoot. Well performing missions, you will receive a variety of rewards for passing. Reward you with game currency, which in turn can be spent on the purchase of new weapons and other necessary items for passing. By the way, getting additional weapons, you will get a unique mission, especially for him. All the tasks in the game are quite interesting and diverse, so at least they should not make you bored. During some missions, you have to invest in a certain period of time, while in others, you need to destroy as many zombies as possible. For the sake of such advantages, download Kill Shot Virus for Android is not necessary, in any case, you can be sure that the game should not disappoint you.

Starting to play, you will pass a short training, during which you will get acquainted with the main features of the game. The view here is in the first person, however, several control elements will constantly hang in front of your eyes. Some disadvantages of the game include the fact that it turned out, unfortunately, quite capricious and demanding to the hardware, so it will not go on all devices. On older devices, the game may go, but it hangs quite heavily all the time.

game Features:

  • A huge number of developed locations, each of them also looks good on the background of the rest;
  • A solid set of various weapons;
  • Ability to fight online with other users;
  • High-quality graphics that take your breath away;
  • Well-designed and convenient operation.

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