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Car Driving Simulator: NY

Car Driving Simulator: NY

  • Updated
    7-06-2023, 22:01
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    Car Driving Simulator: NY
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    Android 4.1+
How many children's competitions can be held on specially prepared tracks with a pre-calculated route? Is such a race can give a real extreme and the feeling that at any second anything can happen? That's why you decided to sit in his new high-speed car and choose to race really extreme place. And what could be more dangerous than a huge city in which traffic does not stop for a second? The streets of new York are waiting for you! To start getting the thrill, you need to download Car Driving Simulator: NY for Android.

Before you will be put different tasks, but they will all come down to one thing: to do the impossible. This game will allow you to do something that in real life has never been possible. RAM obstacles in your way, break into pieces to start the race again and pass the red color, maneuvering on the oncoming lane. Madness, you say? For each such desperate step, you will receive a worthy reward! Accumulate round amounts, take a breath and improve your car to show your fearlessness again.
In addition to your usual car you have several additional options that will open as you progress.

To buy a new car will require a lot of money, but you know what to do! Beautiful physics and realistic mechanics of transport behavior will give this game a special atmosphere. Beautiful three-dimensional graphics will complement the overall picture and give an incredible feeling.
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