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New Super Bomber: Classic Bomber 2018

New Super Bomber: Classic Bomber 2018

  • Updated
    5-03-2018, 09:33
  • Name
    New Super Bomber: Classic Bomber 2018
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Modern games-it's great, especially when they demonstrate the level of technology, but sometimes you want to remember the good old days and play the classics. And it often happens that it is not possible to play long-forgotten masterpieces. Of course, there are solutions to this problem, in the form of installing various emulators, but there is a way to-easier. And in this case, we do not mean the installation of various remakes and restarts of old games in a new way, no. We offer you to play the same Bomberman without any changes. If this version of the game and there are some improvements, they never move away from the classic gameplay prototype. In order to immerse yourself in the legendary game, you need to download New Super Bomber: Classic Bomber 2018 for Android.

You will find all the same game, with the same rules! You need to travel the world, which is a maze of blocks, which roam the various creatures. Friendliness they do not differ, which becomes clear at the first acquaintance, so you have to rid these corridors of their presence. To do this, use bombs, but see for yourself do not explode! You can also destroy walls on your way, but only brick ones.

But why play alone when you can have fun with your friends in multiplayer mode? Predict where your enemy will go, set the bomb and hide from its explosion! Repeat these steps until everything is safe and the level is cleared.

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