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Many mobile devices play most video formats without problems by default. However, standard video viewing software is often not convenient and multifunctional enough. And there are formats that can be difficult to work with on many devices. Therefore, we recommend that you download MX Player for Android.

This app has two main advantages: support for almost all video formats (3gp, mp4, avi, mkv, mov, webm, wmv), as well as support for subtitles in many modern formats. It is worth noting that when playing a video, you can control subtitles independently of the video itself and scroll through the text. You will also enjoy controlling playback using gestures.

MX Player is the first video player that supports multi-core video processing, that is, if your device has a multi-core processor, then if necessary, all the cores will be used, not just one, as in many other players. This will ensure high performance and smooth playback. In addition, the app has a set of codecs designed for specific processors, which will ensure excellent performance on all devices!

According to the developers, this is the most powerful video player on Android of all existing ones. And many users agree with this.
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