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  • Updated
    12-10-2023, 11:08
  • Name
    Survivalcraft 2
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  • OS version
    Android 2.3.3+
Survivalcraft 2 - this game is considered one of the most popular of its kind, designed for mobile phones and tablets. It is installed on IOS and Android operating systems. In the application, gamers will explore and discover a new virtual world, made all in cubes. The universe is incredibly similar to Minecraft.

You have to try yourself in the role of a professional paratrooper, caught on an island where there are absolutely no people. In the beginning, the character will have almost nothing, but after completing certain tasks, you will receive production. Get the necessary resources and create equipment and weapons. Build various structures and fortresses. In addition to the main character on the island are dangerous monsters and beasts, ready to kill you at any time. Protect yourself from them and do not let yourself be eaten.

It is worth noting that the application has a fairly high-quality and intuitive control. To study it, you do not need to read instructions or rules, you can understand everything on an intuitive level. Build yourself a house where you will be completely safe. Replenish health, sleep, make new items and find useful materials. Thanks to the excellent graphics, users will get a lot of positive emotions.
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