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    7-01-2024, 13:57
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    Android 4.4+
In this game, the user will control an all-consuming black hole that trades in an ordinary city. It has the ability to draw in all objects that are located nearby.

There is a lot of stuff around that the hole can absorb: cars, people, buildings, trees, poles, and so on. The black hole devours all this with enthusiasm and does not intend to stop. There will also be similar holes, only smaller ones. They can also be absorbed. The larger and more diverse the hole will feed, the stronger it will become. So it will grow rapidly in size. This is the main task of the gamer in the game Hole.io . you need to devour everything in your path, without understanding the details. The game contains a multiplayer mode that will give the user the opportunity to compete with friends. The gameplay is accompanied by an unobtrusive soundtrack. There are also several modes where the user will have to confront artificial intelligence, friends, and other participants.

game Features:

  • simple gameplay;
  • nice design;
  • suitable music;
  • several modes.

The game can be downloaded to your mobile device for free, and content and options are available without donating. If desired, you can disable ads for a fee.
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