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  • Updated
    1-10-2022, 11:21
  • Name
    Happy Glass
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Happy Glass is a fun puzzle toy where the gamer will need knowledge of physics, and it is also desirable to have the skills to calculate the trajectory. For all this, you ask? And all this is done solely for the purpose that gamers as a game goal, you need to fill a glass with water so that the water does not spill. To get water into the glass, you will need to take a good aim before doing so. And after that, with a special pencil, you will have to directly draw the trajectory of the water jet. The glass will not stand still, but will be able to move in different directions. The first game levels are specially prepared by developers for gamers so that they fall into the glass on the first attempt. In subsequent levels, the difficulty can increase several times.
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