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АвтоДром экзамен ПДД в АвтоЦОН

АвтоДром экзамен ПДД в АвтоЦОН

  • Updated
    8-08-2023, 10:36
  • Name
    АвтоДром экзамен ПДД в АвтоЦОН
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  • OS version
    Android 5.1+
АвтоДром экзамен ПДД - a mobile application of an educational nature, which is a great tool that can help users perfectly prepare for the practical driving exam. The developers decided to present you an incredibly realistic driving simulator, which gives you the opportunity to train your own vehicle driving skills in order to successfully pass the practical part. In the android project, users will have a chance to see real prototypes of race tracks located in various cities of Kazakhstan, so each of them will be able to explore and try to remember the routes.
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