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  • Updated
    20-05-2022, 19:19
  • Name
    Kingdom Two Crowns
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  • OS version
    Android 6.0+
Kingdom is a game that looks like a hybrid of 2D strategy. There is a side scroll bar and resource management. A minimalist atmosphere and a beautiful aesthetic are introduced here, which modern pixel art is proud of.

Play the role of a king or queen on horseback. The player finds himself in a generated kingdom that is designed to save the kingdom. Peasants receive gold from the player and become his loyal subjects. We need to help the kingdom prosper. This is a new game from the popular Kingdom series. It will certainly surprise every experienced player, a beginner in this series. You can have a very good free time playing when Saturday morning comes.

Wise rulers know that one day their kingdom will come to an end. However, the brave ruler does not want to despair.
Great rulers know that it is possible to rule with the help of their wealth. Therefore, they spend every coin with great care.
Travel to your lands where there is a peaceful environment. It is often necessary to repel the raid of a ruthless enemy.

Greedy creatures always want to steal more coins with a crown. The player is exploring the nearby mysterious forests. They hide many curious and mysterious artifacts with which the kingdom is saved.
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