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Nirvana - Game of Life 🤟

Nirvana - Game of Life 🤟

  • Updated
    24-07-2021, 22:07
  • Name
    Nirvana - Game of Life 🤟
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  • OS version
    Android 5.0+
Nirvana-Game of Life - a non-trivial life simulator. Follow the endless life cycle of the soul changing bodies, and follow its destiny. Perhaps you will even be able to break out of the usual framework of being, and comprehend nirvana. Make important decisions, thereby determining the future fate of a person, comprehend all new truths, and keep your karma clean. The player will have to keep a balance between four characteristics: wealth, health, happiness and fame – the main indicators of a person's success. Live dozens of unique lives, feel like a bandit, a pop king or an ordinary worker, and enjoy a lot of choices that affect the gameplay.

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