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    14-09-2023, 09:25
  • Name
    Mouse Simulator
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    Android 4.1+
Mouse Simulator - an application that allows each user to stay in the place of a small rodent. It can be installed on a device that supports the Android system (smartphones, tablets, emulators). The developers of the game are the company Avelog, which has many positive reviews on the Internet. Actions will take place in the virtual world your character will be a normal mouse.

First of all, you need to decide where you will live, in a cottage or in the woods. In a residential building you will be waiting for different dangers, ready to kill you at any time. Nature is no less dangerous, but very beautiful. When you get the tenth level, you will have the opportunity to find a pair. Thanks to joint actions and efforts will be able to collect much more useful materials for the family. Collecting resources, you will improve your home.

Already on the twentieth level, you and your half will be able to have a child. It is necessary to properly educate him and show how this world is dangerous and unpredictable. When he grows up, send him to free swimming, where he can already have his family and home. The game has quite good graphics and a fascinating story. The soundtrack will help to vividly experience all the events. Russian interface will greatly simplify your life.
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