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The Enchanted Cave 2

The Enchanted Cave 2

  • Updated
    16-06-2021, 19:19
  • Name
    The Enchanted Cave 2
  • Version
  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 2.3+
The Enchanted Cave 2 - a dark roguelike action game. Going to the cave is a real challenge for both novice adventurers and experienced treasure hunters. Explore the dark corridors of dungeons located several kilometers underground, fight face-to-face with creepy monsters and guardians of magical artifacts, and try to get to the surface to sell the loot to the merchant. Navigate through intricate locations, collect coins, open chests, and destroy the tomb guards. Gain experience, and distribute points between different characteristics, passive and active skills to become stronger and more resilient.

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