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Dino Bash

Dino Bash

  • Updated
    23-05-2021, 10:32
  • Name
    Dino Bash
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Dino Bash - a fun strategy game. The player will lead an army of giant dinosaurs, and save them from complete extinction. Protect the eggs with the cubs, and defend the lairs of your civilization, sending huge lizards into battle. The user is presented with a unique opportunity to witness the epic battles of the Jurassic Period, and write a story from a clean face. Use camouflage to disguise the egg storage under the environment, repel the attacks of primitive tribes, and drive the human race deep into the caves to become the sole masters of the planet. The game is made in a cartoon style, which is sure to appeal to both adults and children.

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