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RIVER RAFT: whitewater 2019

RIVER RAFT: whitewater 2019

  • Updated
    23-04-2021, 10:57
  • Name
    RIVER RAFT: whitewater 2019
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    Android 4.1+
RIVER RAFT: whitewater 2019 - a spectacular sports arcade game. Take up professional rafting, and conquer the most stormy rivers in the world. Move along the current on a small boat, turning in the right direction with an oar. Often you will be led astray by a violent stream of water, but in no case do not give up, because only the most hardy, savvy and skilled participants of the competition reach the finish line. Control the movement of the boat, swim over sharp rocks, rocks and other obstacles, and be content with extremely beautiful natural landscapes and memorable views. Also, do not forget to collect coins scattered on different sides of the river to be able to improve your equipment.

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