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Heist Thief Robbery - Sneak Simulator

Heist Thief Robbery - Sneak Simulator

  • Updated
    15-03-2021, 17:00
  • Name
    Heist Thief Robbery - Sneak Simulator
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  • OS version
    Android 4.2+
Heist Thief Robbery-Sneak Simulator - a realistic thief simulator. As everyone knows, the work of a robber is filled with risk, constant stress and regularly unexpected situations. Sneak into the homes of wealthy citizens under the cover of night, break down locked doors, hide in the shadows from security cameras and avoid the waking owners of the house, so that they do not call the police. The player's task is to take out as much money, jewelry and expensive equipment as possible and out of the mansion for a limited amount of time. After successfully completing the mission, sell the loot to the black market trader and earn a decent profit. Act stealthily and gain experience to become a professional thief.

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