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Booblyc TD: Tower Defense

Booblyc TD: Tower Defense

  • Updated
    28-02-2021, 22:19
  • Name
    Booblyc TD: Tower Defense
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Booblyc TD: Tower Defense strategy game - a real time strategy about protection of the tower. Build is a solid line of defense and protect yourself from an endless wave of army of monsters. Hire professional knights, archers and mages, build strong fortifications and towers that shoot powerful energy projectiles to stop the raiders and destroy their ranks before they even get to your shelter. Each unit has its own price, size and abilities, with a successful combination of which you can get the perfect weapon to protect your possessions. To get additional gold, which can be spent on expanding the base, the player can fight with strong bosses.

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