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Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game

Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game

  • Updated
    14-02-2021, 16:49
  • Name
    Dancing Blade: Slicing EDM Rhythm Game
  • Version
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Dancing Blade: Electronic Music and Rhythm - an amazing music arcade game. The player will be engaged in beating the cubes flying into it, the flight speed of which increases with each subsequent level. The difficulty can reach an incredible level and the player simply will not be able to cope with the controls. Clearly fall into the rhythm and enjoy the satisfaction obtained from the combinations made and the pleasant melody. The player is also given the opportunity to choose their own music and relax to a familiar rhythm. The app can also be useful for beginning musicians and allows you to develop your reaction or fine motor skills.

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