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Fran Bow Chapter 4

Fran Bow Chapter 4

  • Updated
    4-02-2020, 14:39
  • Name
    Fran Bow Chapter 4
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    Android 2.3+
In our time, the horror genre is very popular, so it seems that there is nothing surprising in the fact that there are more and more really good games dedicated to it. And just one such great game is here in front of you.

Here you will have to play for a little girl who after the death of her parents is in the hospital. You will have to escape from the doctors, and then go on a long journey, during which you will have to find out what exactly happened to the girl's parents. Along the way, you can meet a huge variety of characters that will open up a piece of reality. Download Fran Bow Chapter 4 for Android, you can already for this, if you are tired of standard games, and you want to play something unusual, you can not even doubt, one such game is just in front of you, so feel free, you can start playing.

In addition, there is an alternative reality in the game, where you can get by drinking a special tablet. And then you will be able to solve a variety of puzzles, which are also well able to brighten up the passage. It is understood that the main advantage can be the story component, because it turned out to be frankly unusual, and not like everything that exists in our time, especially unexpected and striking, the ending came out, you really do not expect to see anything like this.
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