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Dim Light

Dim Light

  • Updated
    27-12-2020, 19:07
  • Name
    Dim Light
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Dim Light is an entertaining game development that implements a top view. Here the gamer will need to help the main character. You will need to get out of the trap, located in a locked hospital. According to the storyline, the medical facility where the character is located is fraught with a large number of creepy creatures and scary things. In addition, there is no light in the building, so the view is very limited. The user will only have a flashlight, which slightly illuminates the room. Attracting its weak light, the player needs to look for exits, trying not to fall into the eyes of monsters. There will be a lot of interesting things ahead.
Download Dim Light free for android
Download Dim Light for Android v.2.06
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