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Hard Time (Prison Sim)

Hard Time (Prison Sim)

  • Updated
    27-09-2023, 10:42
  • Name
    Hard Time (Prison Sim)
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0+
Hard Time (Prison Sim) is an interesting game development implemented as a simulator. Here you will need to become a prisoner located within the walls of the prison. The player will be able to visit a correctional facility to fully experience the atmosphere of closed life. First, you will need to create a character that has a unique appearance. After that, you will need to help him survive in the zone. You will need to monitor the health of the ward, eat in a timely manner, and do not forget about rest. You need to be careful of other people who can cause serious harm. To ensure a comfortable existence, you need to raise your authority, as well as earn money.
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