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    26-03-2024, 19:15
  • Name
    Subway Surfers
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0+
Subway Surfers is an internationally popular race in demand among smartphone and tablet users. You have to help Jake, who in any case should not fall into the hands of sinister pursuers and have time to their destination. The game is full of dynamic events and needs vigorous movement. You need to constantly do something: run, crawl, ride or jump at incredible speed. Gameplay relies on a built-in joystick. As auxiliary accessories, you will get a jetpack, surfboard and a lot of other tools that can be useful in all sorts of tasks.

In addition to an interesting story, the Subway is endowed with a nice interface, and a bright design pleases the eye with a juicy palette of graphics and multimedia applications. Moreover, the rhythmic music gives drive to the gameplay, and the gambler certainly will not be able to break away from the exciting challenges.

This time, the Central character of the new version of Subway new York finds himself in a multimillion-dollar metropolis filled with secret places and spontaneous discoveries. In the continuation of the game there are various possibilities, including the movement of the subway and the ability to move the roofs of skyscrapers. In new York, law enforcement agencies are much harder to monitor offenders, which means that problems with the law the main character can not exactly avoid. You again have to help the boy, to hide from the regular chases and persecution. Moving wide avenues of York, do not forget about the memorable graffiti on the numerous walls. And after the first levels you are waiting for exciting missions and unexpected changes in the plot.

Installing the game will not take much time or effort, download the distributions to your mobile device or tablet and wait for the program to complete the automatic configuration. We assure you that to escape from the addictive and not boring gameplay will be extremely difficult. Ardent fans and fans of runners, simulators and dynamic incidents will appreciate the development and updated version of Subway Surf. Embark on an adventure in the company of a mischievous skater. Right now, start decorating the houses of residential neighborhoods with colorful graffiti, attracting the attention of passers-by, tired of the ordinary dullness and monotony of city streets and bustle around.
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