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Township – the most successful simulator of creating a social society, in which you will have to build not only a metropolis, but also a periphery for agriculture. The main goal of the game is to produce and sell goods, and production proceeds as in real life, to get a loaf of bread, you need to buy a field and sow wheat seeds, after the ripening of cereals, you need to combine the harvest and take it in bags to the mill, and cook the product from the flour obtained.

The leftovers from the production will serve as food for the cow, which will then begin to give milk, which will turn into cheese or cottage cheese for sale to friends or neighbors. For these manipulations, you are rewarded with money and experience for the further development of the city. Gradually, if the living conditions are at a high level, people will come to you for permanent residence. Maintaining their comfortable pastime is the main task of the mayor.

In addition, there are daily and long-term tasks in the app that will bring Finance and experience, which directly affects the level in the game. Each next stage of development opens up additional opportunities. Note that the app has almost no drawbacks.
Yes, there is a sparing donation, which does not give the rich man special advantages, any heights are reached without investing money.
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