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LEGO® Tower

LEGO® Tower

  • Updated
    8-10-2020, 10:06
  • Name
    LEGO® Tower
  • Version
  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 4.3+
LEGO® Tower is an arcade game designed as a Manager. Here the player will be able to build a skyscraper from the constructor. Due to the presence of different blocks, the player will be able to create floor by floor. Various businesses, apartments, and other facilities will be located there. The construction of the tower will attract a large number of people who want to settle in the presented areas. There will also be visitors to establishments located in the building. All guests will bring a certain profit, which can be used to develop your business. Ahead of the gamer is waiting for a fascinating gameplay that can immediately captivate the virtual world.

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