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Car Eats Car 3 - Evil Cars

Car Eats Car 3 - Evil Cars

  • Updated
    23-01-2024, 10:24
  • Name
    Car Eats Car 3 - Evil Cars
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  • OS version
    Android 4.2+
These cars don't want to race and slide their wheels gracefully on the tracks! They live their lives by absolutely unknown rules. The only thing that is clear: in their universe, the strongest wins, because small and helpless machines become food for large and predatory! To survive in such a world can be a very difficult task, especially if you do not belong to the second type of cars. So what to do? How to stay alive and not be eaten? This problem and you have to deal with in this incredible game. In order to start survival, you need to download Car Eats Car 3 - Evil Cars for Android.

Here is the third part of the famous arcade game about crazy cars. The essence of the gameplay has not changed much. You have to use all your skill and ingenuity to pass the dangers and turn from a defenseless machine into a huge monster! But a hard world will stand in your way.

In your difficult task you will help a variety of weapons and power-UPS. Install a powerful engine, armor and cannon on your vehicle to become the strongest in this cruel world! Time will pass, and you will no longer be afraid of predator machines, because you will become one.

Unlock a huge number of additional cars and collect them in your garage. Improve each to fully experience the whole gameplay. You also have the opportunity to play with friends to work together to break into the leaders of the table of records.
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