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    5-03-2024, 09:52
  • Name
    My Talking Tom
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    Android 4.1+
My Talking Tom - a common among young users of smartphones and tablets game that attracts the attention of primitiveness, uncomplicated principle and at the same time quite rich in functionality and interesting features. Your task-to grow from a small and helpless fluffy lump big sleek cat. Its development will take place before your eyes, requiring direct participation in the process. Baby kitten requires special care, regular balanced nutrition, educational and fun games. Just pet can dress up in cute and cute little things, buy accessories and teach new skills that can be useful to him in adulthood.

The application is devoid of analogues and unique in its kind, than bribes even more. Even copies of the game will not be able to compete in the elegance of gameplay. Cute and funny animal every day more and more will join in everyday life and replace the real pet. And all because it can not be forgotten even for a day. Tomi will remind of itself hungry meowing, dirty tray and purring, begging for affection and care.

Among the distinctive advantages of My Talking Tom, the following require the greatest emphasis and mention: pampering with treats and treats; putting to sleep in a cozy cat's bed; a variety of emotions experienced by Tom, including anger, joy, laughter, hunger, satiety and even laughter. Available to create a personal kitten, containing about a thousand variations in appearance-ranging from color and ending with the wardrobe. If desired, you can integrate the toy with the messenger in one of the social networks. Reaching the next level, you will receive bonuses, additional gifts and rewards, including coins and previously unavailable items.

From whichever side you look, the appearance and mechanics attract the eye. And available not only to professionals in the game world, but also inexperienced beginners and even young children. It is insanely fascinating to watch the development and growth of your hero, to help him grow up, to protect him from dangers and to envelop him with care. The animal reacts to a certain action of yours in different ways and if you do something that is unpleasant to him, the reaction will be clearly not friendly. The above points are definitely worth attention and have to themselves. With the help of Thomas, you can send a Declaration of love that will definitely touch your soulmate, or you can give a gift or dedicate a song.
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