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War and Order

War and Order

  • Updated
    13-05-2021, 18:15
  • Name
    War and Order
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0.3+
This game is a fascinating fantasy strategy that will take the user to another world.

The user will take part in epic battles. You will need to collect your army, which will include representatives of different races. You will have to deal with the capture of settlements and castles. And to achieve the best results, you can join an Alliance. In this case, you can attack together, with large forces. Also in the game War and Order you will need to send your fighters to help other participants. This game will help the user to immerse themselves in exciting battles. The game contains huge fields for real-time battles, as well as PvP matches. You will need to travel a lot and participate in battles. It is necessary to demonstrate their superiority, constantly improving their army. So you can become a great king, followed by characters. During the gameplay, you can use technology, magic, and other features.

game Features:

  • multiple tracks;
  • construction of different objects;
    [ * ] research of different technologies and magic.

The game has a fascinating gameplay that can captivate the user for a long time in the virtual space. Here you can have a great time.

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