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    9-10-2023, 09:54
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Terraria - quite popular and common "sandbox" among fans of the genre. From now on, it is available to everyone, which can not but rejoice. At the moment, this kind of toys have become very popular. The main reason is to highlight the excitement around Minecraft, captivated a record number of gamers. Because no one will be surprised that bred a lot of similar applications with identical atmosphere, tactics and style. Any developer wants to achieve fame and good earnings, so do not miss the chance to use a notoriously successful template, hoping for profit and numerous downloads in the Markets.

You will have to constantly craft various items, explore a multifaceted and diverse world, to search for and extract resources, as well as to confront dangerous and bloodthirsty monsters of varying complexity. Most importantly, what is the purpose and principle of the game-try to survive, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. First you need to create a character that will manage, then the world around you, filled with the most unpredictable events and adventures. Later there will be fossils and materials with which to build houses and fences from enemies and detractors.

A distinctive feature from the original original application is only one gameplay mode aimed at saving lives. Construction is not the primary position in the development, but only a nice addition, reminiscent of the above Minecraft. But even with this policy of developers you will have free access to 25 varieties of blocks for construction, several weapons, special equipment, armored armor and the most exciting-75 monsters with whom to fight for victory.

The only nuance that can significantly spoil the impression of Terraria – management. Total inconvenience in making jumps, fights, even open the door becomes difficult and very problematic process. At your disposal will be a pair of joysticks, one of which can guide the hero, and the other-to perform numerous actions. With regards to the design of locations, the quality of graphics pixel universe and sound - there are no complaints. The overall visual impression will please fans of old consoles, missed the classics.
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