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    1-12-2023, 09:43
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    Toca Kitchen 2
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    Android 4.1+
Toca kitchen 2-feel like an experimental chef. Probably many people had a desire at least once in their lives to forget about the existence of generally accepted culinary standards and try on the position of extreme chef. Try to cook a unique treat, using ingredients that are fundamentally incompatible, let others say that this is a waste of time, but we are sure it will bring a huge portion of pleasant and cheerful emotions that will leave a bright aftertaste for a long period. And now in today's rapidly progressing world of gadgets it is very easy to do, go to the Play Market and download Toca Kitchen 2 on your device, and suddenly turn into a real master in the field of unusual cuisine.

Is it worth playing?

This mobile application will allow you to prove to everyone that a non-standard approach to cooking has chances to turn into a rather entertaining process. Bright cartoon graphics stimulates the user to regale guests with absolutely unimaginable dishes and with interest to follow the funny reactions at dinner. In full, using the integrated capabilities, do not be afraid to connect the imagination to the maximum, on the contrary, the main idea is to create masterpieces that in the future will fall on the walk of fame of Michelin-starred cuisine.

The creators of the creative side approached the missions and goals of the game, the artists put their soul into the unforgettable images of characters tasting varietal dishes. There are three different gluttons at your disposal, the first is a girl with green eyebrows and a blush on her cheeks, the second is a black guy with a flattened face, curly hair and a carrot for a nose, the third is an alien creature with big eyes, a wide mouth with crooked teeth and a tie. Clicking on the left side of the display opens the refrigerator with a variety of ingredients, on the right there is a menu of manipulations over products. You can fry, cut, cook, deep-fry, microwave, freeze and cook over coals. Then the finished parts are put together, put neatly on a plate, serve coffee to visitors for tasting and observe the reaction.


Toka kitchen is aimed at children's audience and will appeal to all kids of preschool age. In a joint game with parents will help to understand the initial principles of cooking any food.
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