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Backgammon - Narde

Backgammon - Narde

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    23-04-2021, 09:55
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    Backgammon - Narde
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    Android 4.0+
Backgammon - Nardea game that has gained huge popularity, both in real life and on smartphones. We present one of the varieties in which for sure superiority over the opponent, it is necessary to calculate actions in the long term. The app implements a competition on a single device or via Bluetooth or the Internet.

If you don't know how to pass your free time after work, we suggest checking your mind and strategic thinking in an ancient game that was pumped to us from Asia. In its current form, it has existed for about five thousand years. Over a long life, people have come up with several types, but one of the most common is long backgammon. All games are unique because of the dice roll. The creators do not provide training, but the rules are so simple that one circle is enough against artificial intelligence. An average of seven to ten minutes are spent on a single con, but there are also long games when two equally experienced players meet.

The graphic design is made in a two-dimensional vector, there is a possibility to choose the material of checkers (plastic or wood). When you throw a pair of dice, you will hear a pleasant voice-over of stones jumping on the plywood. The developers have implemented three modes: against AI, together on the same phone, via bluetooth or WI-FI. Depending on your level of understanding of the strategy, you will come across the appropriate opponents who can easily put you on Mars or close at home. When you first start will need to register by entering a unique alias and password, you are automatically on the server side, the profile is created. Now you just need to upload a photo for your account and click search for an opponent, getting rating points for each victory.


1. ability to play through the world wide web;
2. convenient chat with censorship – for swearing and swear words, a timeout is issued for correspondence;


1. you can view summary statistics of all dice rolls;
2. the app works on Android starting from the earlier version;
3. convenient hints of possible moves;
4. the program is distributed on the principle of Free to play


while waiting or considering a move, the screen goes dark, most often leading to a break in communication between players;
annoying banner ads that are displayed throughout the game

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