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Golf Clash

Golf Clash

  • Updated
    13-11-2020, 09:41
  • Name
    Golf Clash
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Golf Clash is an interesting Golf simulator that has really high-quality graphics. In addition, you will have the opportunity to play not only alone, but also to play against other players, this will only give the game more originality and make it more difficult. After all, you will have to resist living people who are able to deliver much more trouble than artificial intelligence, which in most cases, unfortunately, acts absolutely template. Since the battles against other players are held in the online format, you will need a fast mobile Internet for a full game, if you are going to play, do not forget about this.

In the game you will find a variety of locations, each of which has complex but interesting obstacles, and just originally worked out. So it will be interesting to pass the game in any case. Here you will not be bored, each new level is able to hit something new and quite complex. You constantly have to change your strategy and plan new attacks. In addition, there is a very realistic physics, which was well transferred from the real world, so you can safely transfer your experience of playing in the real world here. Depending on what you choose, you can play either on the selected location, or come together in a confrontation with a random opponent from the Internet. These advantages of the game, clearly say that download Golf Clash on Android at least need. As with real Golf, you will have to drive the ball into the hole using as few strokes as possible. At the start, the levels are usually quite simple, so it's easy to score a ball, but the longer you play, the more difficult it will become.

Winning in difficult levels, you will receive a variety of interesting prizes that will only emphasize your authority. In the game, for example, there are special premium clubs, as well as collectible balls that can become yours, meaning only if you try. It is also worth mentioning one important fact in the game, if you accidentally send the ball outside the map, the game will not end, the ball will return to you again, or it looks like you will be given a new one, but you will lose one move, with a difficult and stressful game, this can negatively affect you. The game turned out to be somewhat demanding for your device, so it will go, unfortunately, not everywhere.

game Features:

  • Simple and functional management, which can be dealt with in short lines;
  • As you progress, you can get to the top League;
  • There are weather conditions that complicate the game;
  • You can communicate with other players in a corporate game;
  • There are a lot of real opponents, so the opponent is always put on.

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